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A. J. Brown is professor of public policy and law, and program leader, public integrity and anti-corruption, in the Centre for Governance & Public Policy, Griffith University. He is also a former senior investigator for the Commonwealth Ombudsman, Associate to Justice Tony Fitzgerald AC QC, ministerial advisor in the first Beattie Government, and current member of the board of Transparency International Australia.

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Discussion paper

21 Aug 2018

This options paper provides evidence to support the creation of a new, federal anti-corruption and integrity framework, based on an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing framework, and community awareness, perception and views on how well corruption is being addressed at all...


Survey of Organisational Processes & Procedures 2016
4 Jul 2017

Whistleblowing processes – or processes for encouraging and protecting staff to speak up about wrongdoing concerns and integrity challenges – are vital to integrity and good governance systems in organisations.

This report presents initial analysis of the strength of organisational processes for responding to...


3 May 2017

This report presents the first stage of a new measure of the strength of organisational processes for responding to staff wrongdoing concerns, based on responses to the Survey of Organisational Processes and Procedures conducted in 2016 by Whistling While They Work 2: Improving managerial responses...

Discussion paper

Strengthening Australia’s national integrity system: priorities for reform - discussion paper #1
17 Mar 2017

This major paper, canvassing key issues for the design of a federal anti-corruption commission, has been released at National Integrity 2017, as part of a new assessment of Australia’s systems of integrity, accountability and anti-corruption.

Professor A J Brown, leader of the Australian Research...

Journal article

18 Dec 2014

Studies of regional identification are integral to the role of regionalism in political development, but how does one study regionalism when subnational political scales and regional political culture may be out of alignment? This question is tackled using Australia, a federation theorized as having possibly...

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