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Report 1: Children who are known to Child Protection among sentenced and diverted children in the Victorian Children’s Court
27 Jun 2019

This is the first of two reports by the Sentencing Advisory Council looking at the child protection backgrounds of children who received a sentence or diversion in the Victorian Children’s Court in 2016 or 2017. The project aims to explore the pathways that lead children...


18 Jul 2017

This report assesses how many offenders contravene their Community Correction Order (CCO) by committing a new, imprisonable offence, or by failing to comply with another term or condition of the CCO.


23 Aug 2016

This study finds that people who breach family violence intervention orders are more likely to reoffend than the general criminal population.


11 Aug 2015

Most people sentenced in the County Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria plead guilty, and their guilty plea results in a reduced sentence, according to this report.


6 Nov 2009

First published in February 2008, the research paper was written in response to the abolition of provocation as a partial defence to murder following the Victorian Law Reform Commission's review of defences to homicide.

The Commission recommended that, rather than raising a partial defence...

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