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10 Dec 2014


The history of Australia over the last 200 years is one of immigration, the story of millions of people leaving their homes to build a new life in another part of the world. Through waves of immigration over 200 years, Australia has...


12 Sep 2011

The federal Government recently announced that it will go ahead with a National Disability Insurance Scheme. But what will this scheme really mean for people with disability and their carers throughout Australia?

To answer those and other questions, Disability and Race Discrimination Commissioner,...


15 Aug 2011

With the appointment of the Hon. Susan Ryan AO, Australia has its first full time Age Discrimination Commissioner. From 1975-1988 Susan was Senator for the ACT and became the first woman to hold a Cabinet post in a federal Labor Government. More recently, she has...


15 Aug 2011

People who have a print disability include people who are blind or with low vision, people with a physical disability that makes it difficult for them to manipulate a standard book and people with other cognitive impairments. This is a large group of people. However,...


10 Jun 2011

On the International Day for People with Disabilities last year, the ABC launched a portal called Ramp Up. Based on a similar BBC website called Ouch, it deals with day-to-day issues facing people with disabilities, but in a way which challenges generally held stereotypes. In...

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