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27 May 2011

This paper updates an earlier paper by Karmel and Mlotkowski and looks at how the probability of getting a job, in addition to wages, impacts on completion rates. It finds that for trade apprentices the premium (or extra wage completing an apprenticeship brings) attached to...


9 Sep 2010

Making use of the NCVER Apprentice and Trainee Destination Survey, this paper focuses on wages and the impact they have on the decision not to continue with an apprenticeship or traineeship.

The broad conclusion is that increasing training wages would have little effect on...


22 Mar 2010

This paper finds that poor working conditions or non-sympathetic bosses or workmates have an immediate effect for many trainees.

The NCVER Apprentice and Destination Survey collected, among other things, data on reasons for not completing an apprenticeship or traineeship. This paper finds that poor...


8 Aug 2008

This paper explores the issue of how vocational education and training (VET) is actually used in the labour market, in particular the match between what people study and the jobs they get. This match is pretty poor in most occupational groups with the exception of...

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