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Settlement engagement and transition support: a discussion paper on enhancements to the Settlement Grants program

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Settlement Grants is a key program in the suite of settlement services to support humanitarian entrants and eligible migrants to achieve full participation in Australian society by focussing on social participation, economic well-being, independence, personal well-being and community connectedness.

The Settlement Grants program has been in place for over ten years, and fills an important gap in the post-arrival period for eligible clients who do not have family and other community supports to rely on. The program is complementary to the new Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) and other Commonwealth support to humanitarian entrants and for other vulnerable migrants.

This Discussion Paper has been developed to encourage feedback to inform enhancements to the current Settlement Grants program. The paper provides an opportunity for currently funded Settlement Grant providers and other key stakeholders to provide views and ideas on the proposed changes to program settings prior to the next funding round.

Roundtable discussions in select locations will be guided by the questions presented in this Discussion Paper.

The Department appreciates that some stakeholders will be unable to attend the roundtables. We welcome written responses to the questions in the paper to help inform changes to the program. Stakeholders are encouraged to answer only those questions they feel are most relevant to them.

Please provide written feedback to settlementgrantsreview@dss.gov.au by 11 December 2017.

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