Snapshot: Educational engagement of children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW

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This report suggests that children in out-of-home care in New South Wales suffer from forms of institutional educational neglect that very often disadvantage children in care around the world. The narrow focus of child welfare agencies on preventing child maltreatment and providing stable out-of-home care too often results in a lack of attention to the overall well-being of children in care, including the appropriateness and quality of the education they receive. Likewise, schools and education systems too often either ignore the needs of children in care, or, more problematically, actively exclude them from receiving the help they need.

The report highlights the need for greater attention from and coordination between the child welfare and education systems when it comes to the proper education of children in care. ACWA’s recommendations follow logically from the report’s findings and are consistent with reform efforts around the world.

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