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19 Jan 2010

This paper examines the question of whether and how a study of the costs and benefits of the homelands might be conducted. It is concluded that cost benefit studies of different designs are possible.

As others previously have established beyond reasonable doubt, there are...

Discussion paper

16 Dec 2008

The key to the future of the Western Australian health service lies with - or ought to lie with - the people of WA. It is our health that is involved; and it ought to be seen as our health service. Currently the WA health...


22 May 2007

How is the WA health service now travelling? We have many dedicated, hard working, highly skilled health care workers doing the very best they can for their patients. Yet despite their efforts the people of WA are not getting the health care they deserve....


1 Nov 2000

Gavin Mooney argues that there are various ways of looking at equity in the context of the funding of indigenous health care. This paper argues for adopting an approach which incorporates notions of capacity to benefit, vertical equity and communitarian claims. Whatever decision is eventually...

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