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26 Nov 2008

The primary purpose of this project is to produce a set of guidelines on how to deliver adult literacy and numeracy education and training using a social capital approach.

Social capital in this project refers to the networks that operate during resourcing, course design,...


12 May 2008

This report investigates the role that vocational education and training (VET) can play in the transition from welfare to work. Case studies showed that VET can, and often does, help people move into paid work. However, target groups have varied needs and the study concludes...


20 Jul 2006

This NCVER study investigated whether adult literacy and numeracy courses produced social capital outcomes, which are changes in students' connections with networks of people. The study's authors, Jo Balatti, Stephen Black, Ian Falk, found that 80% of the students in the study experienced social capital...

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2001

This paper argues that present institutional settings in rural Australia are inadequate for the task of bringing about a culture which is fair and inclusive. The solution is seen to lie in policies for rural Australia that support an infusion of new values into our...

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2000

Successful rural community development efforts focus on harnessing the resources already present to find community solutions to community concerns. For these efforts to be successful, high levels of cooperation, communication and trust need to be built within the community. This paper is based on a...

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