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11 Sep 2012

Social media complicate the very nature of public life. In this article, we consider how technology reconfigures publicness, blurs 'audiences' and publics, and alters what it means to engage in public life. The nature of publicness online is shaped by the architecture and affordances of...

Journal article

2 Nov 2011

In accordance with US federal laws regarding the electronic collection of children's data, Facebook has a minimum age policy of 13 years. Research has found that many parents assist their children in undermining these policies.

Facebook, like many communication services and social media sites,...


15 Dec 2008

Millions of people worldwide are now connected through networked digital infrastructures in forms that grow increasingly sophisticated and contextually rich. The notion of the global village remains powerful, but individual sociability will never operate on a global scale. Large social networks will always be mediated...

Literature review

22 Nov 2008

The following is an early draft of the Literature Review produced by the Research Advisory Board (RAB) for the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF). The Internet Safety Technical Task Force was formed to consider the extent to which technologies can play a role in...


12 Mar 2008

Social network sites like MySpace and Facebook serve as 'networked publics'. As with unmediated publics like parks and malls, youth use networked publics to gather, socialize with their peers, and make sense of and help build the culture around them. This article examines American youth...

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