About APO Collections


Create a Feature or Standard collection on APO and enjoy the benefits of joining a respected resource, established audience and supported infrastructure


APO Collections bring together material on broad or focussed topics, geographic regions, discrete projects, conference series, organisational archives and more.

Collections provide easy search, discovery, analysis and filtering of information, relevant to your audiences.


Hosted Collections on APO include:

  • Customised collection home page with logos and information

  • Listing on APO collection page apo.org.au/collections

  • Collation of existing content from APO’s database into the collection

  • Hosted documents and data in the APO repository with full metadata

  • Tailored search & browsing functionality within the collection

  • Long term management, discoverability and DOIs for hosted content

  • Collection content included in APO email newsletters, social media and RSS feeds

  • Training and support for content posting

Feature Collections also include:

  • Content feeds to your home page

  • Collection promotion

  • Advertising packages

  • Tailored services to meet your requirements


Standard Collections from $2,000 p.a.

Feature Collections from $5,000


Other services available:

  • Metrics showing page views, authors, topics and number of resources 

  • Full service curatorial support for short or long term projects


To discuss how APO can support your collection, publishing and dissemination needs email Penelope Aitken

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