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26 Oct 2007

This evaluation of four Australian school-based arts programs found that, although there was no evidence of improvement in academic progress, involvement in arts programs has a positive impact on students' engagement with learning and often leads to improved attendance at school.Participation in school-based arts education...


26 Oct 2007

Participation in school-based arts education programs can have a positive impact on students' engagement with learning, according to recent ACER research. However, there was little statistical evidence of improvement in academic progress as a result of participation in arts education. Jennifer Bryce reports on the...


23 May 2007

This study undertaken for The Smith Family by the Australian Council for Educational Research is the fifth in a series of reports on the challenges faced by Learning for Life students in making successful post-school transitions.

‘Australian Young People: their stories, their families and...


13 May 2003

What can secondary schools do to develop lifelong learning skills? ACER conducted research into lifelong learning in 1999-2000 to identify key educational concepts that are argued to provide the foundations for lifelong learning. ACER has now produced a second report that extends the research in...

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