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21 Jan 2012

The massive Olympic Dam mine, now fully approved, threatens by itself to shift the centre of gravity of the future South Australian economy away from its traditional base in manufacturing.

A ‘two-speed economy’ is in the early stages of being made. Part and parcel...


3 May 2010

This report argues that Australia’s role as a stable, low-cost supplier of key commodities to the emerging great powers of Asia, China and India, gives Canberra a greater diplomatic bargaining tool than previous governments have been willing to acknowledge.

The report makes four key...


7 Jan 2010

Richard Leaver of Flinders University writes that the Australian activist foreign policy tradition in disarmament has long been “in a state of decline, and the main source of this slippage has been the gradual triumph of form over substance in the realm of safeguards and...


23 Jun 2009

Richard Leaver and Alex Stephens of Flinders University write that in the Vietnam era Australian policy attitudes to China "begged the question ‘when is your enemy not your enemy?’ and delivered the seemingly obvious answer: ‘when he’s your fifth biggest trading partner’."

Yet in...


23 Feb 2009

Richard Leaver of Flinders University writes that the current regime of IAEA inspections in Nuclear Weapon States characterized by “discretionary and partial coverage of inspections, can have no future in a world aiming for nuclear disarmament.” Leaver seeks the “missing lessons” for Australian uranium export...

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