Preliminary results of the coping with marriage equality debate survey

Investigating the stress impacts associated with the Australian marriage equality debate during the lead up to the postal survey results announcement
Legislation Marriage Same-sex marriage Mental health Public opinion LGBTIQ+ Australia

The Australia Institute and the LGBTI National Health Alliance surveyed more than 9,500 LGBTIQ+ Australians and their allies between 16 October and 14 November 2017, of whom more than 7,500 completed every question.

These are preliminary results from selected questions and the final results may change by a few percentage points when the full results are published. Due to the unprecedented number of responses, analysis of this data is expected to take many months.

Participants self-selected and the survey was advertised through LGBTIQ+ networks as well as on Facebook. Approximately 75% of respondents identified as LGBTIQ+ and 25% identified as allies of LGBTIQ people including friends, family and other supporters. The response was in-keeping with proportional representation of populations from each Australian state and territory.



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