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16 Aug 2010

The principle of political equality has always been central to democracy and to the way democracy was understood by the democratic reformers of mid-19th Century Australia. The Australasian colonies were regarded as being in the vanguard of democratic innovation and at the end of the...


9 Jul 2010

Over the course of the Howard Government, the Australian Public Service was accused with increasing frequency of failing to strike a balance between telling the government what it wants to know and telling the government what it needs to know. Is there a...


6 Aug 2008

In this evidence-based and closely argued work, Kathy MacDermott plots the changes in the culture of the Australian Public Service that have led many contemporary commentators to lament the purported loss of traditional public service values of impartiality, intellectual rigour and — most importantly —...


25 Oct 2007

The former head of evaluation for the Australian Public Service Commission considers the tension between the public service’s role in providing ‘frank and fearless’ advice to government and its role in development and implementation of government policy.

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