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The development of a mariculture industry in the Jurien Bay area

Regional planning Fisheries Agriculture Central Wheatbelt

Western Australia is no stranger to fresh water aquaculture, with Trout, Yabbies, and Marron being grown throughout the state for many years on both a commercial and hobby basis.

However mariculture (aquaculture conducted in a marine environments) is a new industry to the coast of Western Australia. Considering that the state's long unpolluted coastline lends itself favourably to the growth of a wide variety, of fish and shellfish, it is surprising that to date little use has been made of this resource other than for wild capture fishing.

The Shire of Dandaragan, situated in the Central Coast area of the Wheatbelt region (and particularly the areas adjacent to the town of Jurien) is at the heart of a developing aquaculture industry. Indeed Jurien is considered to be one of very few areas in Australia simultaneously developing both a fresh water, inland aquaculture industry (marron) and a marine based industry (marine finfish and mussels).

This paper will concentrate on the Mariculture developments around Jurien, making particular reference to the process used to develop a sustainable industry.

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