Business Opportunities and Support Services (BOSS): ILO evaluation

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The Business Opportunities and Support Services (BOSS) is a 5-year Private Sector Development project that was initially funded by Irish Aid only and planned for 4 years. Since early June 2013, the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAid) started to additionally support the project which helped to extend the project duration to 5 years (until December 2015), to deepen the work in the three value chains selected (cattle, horticulture, tourism) and to widen the portfolio of business services offered by the main counterpart IADE (Institute for Business Support).

The project aims to address the problem of an underdeveloped private sector in Timor-Leste in order to stimulate growth and fight poverty in the country. This is done by upgrading selected value chains and economic subsectors, improving their business and regulatory support structures and stimulating public-private dialogue and coordination.

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