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18 Feb 2013

In 2005 the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) produced a report, Responding to sexual assault: The challenge of change (DPP & AFP 2005), which made 105 recommendations for reforming the way sexual...


5 Nov 2012

The Australian heavy vehicle industry is critical to the movement of people, freight, livestock and other goods. However, every year there are deaths and serious injuries on Australian roads, some of which are caused by speeding heavy vehicles.

Speed management is an important part...


26 Mar 2010

This report summarises major findings from the second stage of a project to test the feasibility of a model performance measurement framework for Australian drug law enforcement (DLE) agencies and to provide advice on its national implementation.

The first project stage involved development and...


14 Mar 2007

It has been estimated that Australia expends between $1.3 and $2 billion annually on drug law enforcement activity. How do we measure the efficiency and effectiveness of this action, particularly when it is just part of the national effort to reduce demand and levels of...


3 Jan 2007

Armed robbery stories figure prominently in the media but official statistics suggest that armed robbery has actually declined markedly since the early 2000s. This paper focuses on changes in armed robbery offender profiles by providing an overview of the type of person who commits armed...

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