A better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence

Recommendations for an accessible, equitable and responsive family law system which better prioritises safety of those affected by family violence
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Many families across Australia access the federal family law system for assistance and support to resolve the legal issues which arise following family breakdown. Many of these families may have had an experience with family violence. It is imperative that adequate support and management is provided to these families to ensure their ongoing safety and wellbeing. However, evidence suggests that the family law system is not adequately supporting or protecting families which have experienced family violence.

In March 2017, the Attorney-General, Senator the Hon. George Brandis QC, requested that the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs inquire into how Australia’s family law system can better support and protect those affected by family violence.

This report presents the findings of the Committee’s inquiry, and recommendations to improve the family law system’s response to families impacted by family violence. The report advocates for an accessible, equitable and responsive family law system which better prioritises the safety of families.

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