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Federal Discrimination Law provides an overview of significant issues that have arisen in cases brought under:
* the Racial Discrimination Act 1975
* the Sex Discrimination Act 1984
* the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

It also considers the provisions of the Age Discrimination Act 2004 in relation to which, at the date of publication, there have only been a limited number of cases.

t should be noted that Federal Discrimination Law does not aim to be a textbook, or a comprehensive guide to discrimination law in Australia.[2] It does not consider all aspects of the RDA, SDA, DDA or ADA and does not deal specifically with State and Territory anti-discrimination laws. Rather, the publication provides a guide to the significant issues that have arisen in cases brought under federal unlawful discrimination laws, including matters of practice and procedure, and analyses the manner in which those issues have been resolved by the courts. In some areas, context is provided from cases decided in other areas of law, but this coverage is not intended to be exhaustive.

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