Travel demand and movement patterns report

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Infrastructure Victoria's Managing Transport Demand research program is seeking to broaden the Victorian community's collective understanding of transport demand across Melbourne. To support the program, KPMG/Arup were commissioned by Infrastructure Victoria (IV) to prepare a technical report summarising transport activity patterns across the city, both now and in the future. The analysis will inform future assessment of opportunities to better manage transport demand.

This report provides key results for changes in demand and network perfomance between now (2015) and the future (2031). The analysis is based on statistics drawn from the Melbourne Activity-Based Model (MABM) that relate to an average, non-school holiday period weekday. Additionally, modelling and analysis results are focused on changes to the road network surrounding the morning peak period due to the fact that this work program is investigating opportunities to shift car trips to different times or modes. This represents the time of day where the road network typically experiences the most intense demand. The work attempts to analyse distributional impacts of transport demand by profiling the users of Melbourne's key freeways and tollroads.

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