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9 May 2008

This research was designed to gather information and increase understanding about sex on premises venues (SOPVs) so as to enhance the capacity of public health and gay community stakeholders to better address recent rises in HIV and other STIs.

The research sought to gain...


12 Sep 2006

Most participants in the current debate about Aboriginal development believe that government policy has failed. Government handouts are seen as passive welfare or 'sit down money', which perpetuates Indigenous joblessness. And many Indigenous communities have been unable to combat self-destructive alcohol and substance abuse as...


1 Mar 2006

Carried out in early 2005, this is one of the largest surveys of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) people ever conducted.

It aimed to document aspects of the health and wellbeing of a large sample of GLBTI people in Australia, to explore...


9 Apr 2003

The Australian Study of Health and Relationships was conducted to find out more about the sexual health and behaviour of people living in Australia. There has never been a survey of this type done in this country. 19,307 randomly selected people aged between 16 and...


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