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13 Feb 2019

A review of 54 studies in film, television, music and theatre. It recommends that mental health professionals and suicide prevention experts should collaborate with film makers, television producers, members of the music industry and playwrights to try to balance entertainment against the risk of harm,...


13 Feb 2018

A review of 163 studies into newspapers, television, books, the internet and mixed media. It makes recommendations to ensure that coverage by news and information media is responsible and balanced.

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30 Nov 2017


Suicide prevention media campaigns are gaining traction as a means of combatting suicide. The current review set out to synthesize information about the effectiveness of these campaigns. We searched four electronic databases for studies that provided evidence on the effectiveness of media...

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12 Sep 2006

This paper by Philip M Burgess, Jane E Pirkis and Tim J Coombs describes the outcomes of episodes of care for adults in public sector mental health services across Australia, with a view to informing the debate on service quality. Health of the Nation Outcome...

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11 May 2006

The authors describe the influence of GP-based research on the development of two specific policy initiatives, the Heartwatch Programme in Ireland and the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care initiative in Australia. They explore the extent to which relevant GP-based research shaped these initiatives.

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