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29 Feb 2016

Abstract Objective: To estimate the number of regular and dependent methamphetamine users in Australia.

Design : Indirect prevalence estimates were made for each year from 2002–03 to 2013–14. We applied multiplier methods to data on treatment episodes for amphetamines (eg, counselling, rehabilitation,...

Discussion paper

22 Nov 2010

The bulletin briefly summarises the case for legally coerced drug treatment, describes the different approaches that have been used to implement it, discusses the ethical issues raised by different types of legally coerced drug treatment, and summarises the evidence on the effectiveness of community-based drug...


15 Mar 2010

This monograph considers a number of possible consequences of ecstasy use and identifies the research needed to more definitively answer questions about whether ecstasy has adverse effects on health of type reviewed.

This work arose out of the increasing perception that there needed to...


31 Jul 2008

This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the cost- effectiveness of interventions to reduce the burden of harm associated with alcohol misuse in Australia. The key findings suggest that all the prevention interventions modelled are more cost-effective in reducing alcohol-related harm than those that treat...

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