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The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) posed an important challenge to the world of development cooperation and to the field of devBy way of background, the Philippines Bilateral Strategy (PBS) received over NZD18m in financial support from NZAID over five years. The PBS had the three themes: (Indigenous Peoples, governance, and natural resource management); three cross-cutting themes (human rights, strengthening local capacity, and sustainability); and a number of cross-cutting programmes and approaches including human resource development, peace and development in Mindanao, and small grants funds. The strategy was initially developed with a two-year time frame to be reviewed and aligned with NZAID’s developing Asia strategy and wider policy framework. However, due to resource constraints, this review did not occur.

The evaluation’s purpose was to identify learning gained through the implementation of the PBS and to provide direction for the development of the new strategy. The evaluation focused on assessing the appropriateness of the strategy and the performance the activities that it funded. The evaluation’s approach included a study of documents and expenditure, engagement with stakeholders in Wellington and Manila, field visits and other research, presentation of preliminary findings and presentation of a draft report for feedback.

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