Evaluation of the NZAID Multilateral and Regional Assessment Framework (MARAAF): final report

15 Feb 2009

The NZAID Multilateral and Regional Agency Assessment Framework (MARAAF) was developed in 2002 in response to the Cabinet minute establishing NZAID, which directed NZAID to more closely target its efforts towards agencies aligned with NZAID’s poverty focus. The primary stated purpose of the MARAAF was to ‘help determine where NZAID should be directing its development and humanitarian effort via multilateral and regional organisations’. This included potentially reducing the number of agencies that NZAID was engaged with.

The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate the MARAAF in terms of its effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance. The evaluation was also tasked to identify NZAID’s future needs for decision making about engagement with multilateral organisations (MOs) and regional organisations (ROs), and to determine the next steps towards a process for assessing engagement with MOs and ROs.

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