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NZAID Solomon Islands programme review 2003-2008

15 Jul 2008

This review considers impacts and outcomes of the NZAID bilateral programme to the Solomon Islands over 2003-2008, and lessons learned from the programme’s implementation. It is based on a rapid assessment of evaluative material and programme documents, supplemented by interviews with programme staff.

Part A of the review report provides a brief summary of the strategic framework for the programme agreed in 2003, the development context for the programme over the review period, and introduces the connections between the programme and the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). Part B looks at the programme’s achievements and proposes specific lessons learned for the sectors in which NZAID has been engaged. Part C draws these together into overall lessons learned from 2003-2008. It also discusses the evaluation questions posed in the terms of reference for the review (covering issues of resourcing, relevance, aid modalities; cross-cutting issues, aid effectiveness and the influence of the OECD fragile states pilot on the programme).

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