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6 Nov 2013

Effective pathways from vocational education and training (VET) to higher education help to alleviate skill shortages as well as increase access to higher qualifications and lifetime earnings for people holding VET awards. Nationally, the proportion of students admitted to higher education on the basis of...


19 Oct 2011

This report defines enduring principles to underpin the long-term funding of Australian higher education as well as specific recommendations and options for a reformed funding model.

Australia’s future social and economic development depends on having an educated and highly skilled community, delivering creativity, innovation...


11 Aug 2006

In this report Louise Watson highlights the ways in which the early childhood education and care sectors could be more closely aligned through provision of career pathways and articulation from vocational and technical education (VTE) qualifications to higher education courses in early childhood education


30 Sep 2004

Government subsidies have provided a major source of funds to private schools in Australia for three decades. The increasing level of private school subsidies since the mid-1970s has contributed to a steady increase in the proportion of students enrolled in private schools. This growth in...


26 Nov 2003

The current, various policies for fees and charges in the public vocational education and training (VET) system in each state and territory are the focus of this report. Louise Watson finds that due to a host of reasons there is little to no consistency to...

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