The Australian Urban Intelligence Network supporting smart cities

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As the global population continues to grow and an increasing number of people move to cities, there is need for ambitious approaches to provide urban information infrastructures and analytical tools to support smart urban design and planning. This chapter introduces the Australian Urban Intelligence Network, which brings together a network of researchers, planners and policy-makers from across Australia who have access to an online workbench of data and tools. The workbench comprises over 1100 datasets and 100 spatial statistical routines, and a select number of planning support systems and geodesign tools. In this chapter, we outline the urban data and analytical capability the online workbench; introduce a couple of the PSS tools and spatial statistical capabilities through a case study approach. We also discuss the user outreach and capacity building capability program which is a critical component to assist with user adoption. We conclude the chapter with some reflections on the lessons learnt and next steps in the project.

Keywords: Planning support systems, Spatial statistics, Scenario planning, Walkability 

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Planning support science for smarter urban futures
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