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28 Apr 2005

Valerie Braithwaite, Monika Reinhart and Jenny Job examine economic transactions in which individuals pay others or are paid by others in cash for work that has been done, and where the understanding is that tax is not paid on the earned income. These are activities...


28 Jun 2003

Non-lodgers, or non-filers as they are often known, are individuals who do not lodge or file a tax return. By not lodging a tax return statement these people are not part of 'the system' and are rarely included in research. This research note provides an...


1 Dec 2000

This paper by Valerie Braithwaite and Monika Reinhart presents initial findings on the Taxpayers' Charter from the 'Community Hopes, Fears and Actions Survey'. The performance of the Australian Taxation Office (Tax Office) is high on most of the standards. Where it is low, there is...

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