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15 Jul 2015

The Work productivity loss in young workers report examines the prevalence of diagnosed back or neck pain and their contribution towards absenteeism and presenteeism (loss of productive time whilst at work) among young people.

Twenty per cent of 23-year-old workers in the study had...

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8 Nov 2005

Trust was a key issue in the 2004 Australian federal election. The Prime Minister appealed to the public to trust his government because of its ability to manage the economy. The Leader of the Opposition highlighted the government’s lack of credibility and honesty. These are...


28 Apr 2005

Valerie Braithwaite, Monika Reinhart and Jenny Job examine economic transactions in which individuals pay others or are paid by others in cash for work that has been done, and where the understanding is that tax is not paid on the earned income. These are activities...

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