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Megan O’Connell is a public policy expert with experience across the early childhood, school and tertiary education sectors. She joined Mitchell in January 2016, and leads the institute’s policy program. 

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14 Sep 2017

Australia has the third most expensive education system in the OECD, but we might not be getting what we pay for, writes Megan O'Connell.


27 Mar 2017

Australia's education system is not preparing students for twenty-first century success. Young Australians are studying for longer than ever before but are disengaged and struggling to find permanent jobs. Young people entering technology-rich, global, competitive job markets need different skill sets to what our education...


14 Dec 2016

Brings together data across all areas of education to prompt governments to consider a more planned and consistent approach to distributing resources.

This report shows that some stages of education have been clearly prioritised over others.

Vocational Education and Training



29 Aug 2016

Education is at the core of a thriving economy and while Australia has historically had a comparative advantage in its highly-educated workforce, this is being eroded. At the same time, the challenges posed by emerging technologies that threaten to make current skills obsolete pose a...


20 Apr 2016

There is a mismatch between investment and opportunity in early childhood policy in Australia.

The early years are a critical window for building foundations that enable all children to become creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners. Yet current policy settings are not meeting...

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