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27 Feb 2019

This report presents an overview of the social and economic costs and harms of alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory (NT). Using data gathered from 2015-16, the report provides a current evidence-based account of alcohol consumption in the territory.

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31 Oct 2018

The potential development of an oil industry in the Great Australian Bight provides a number of opportunities and challenges. Potentially, the development may affect local communities, regional economies and the environment. Developing a baseline, before any development takes place, enables changes due to the development...


28 Sep 2017

This report highlights a range of potential changes to migration policy that would mean the system would better meet the needs of the South Australian economy and its businesses.


7 Jun 2017

This report into migration policy settings takes a closer look at some of the concerns raised by business owners and representatives about ways in which the current design of the skilled migration system means that it can’t adequately assist South Australian businesses facing skills shortage,...


26 Apr 2017

This report considers key challenges facing South Australia which are related to current migration policy settings.

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