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4 Feb 2016

Primary school approaches to student voice and leadership rarely change, despite concerns about manipulation and tokenism. This single case study investigated an approach to student voice and student leadership in an Australian primary school that was very different to a traditional student council. Thematic analysis...

Journal article

6 Jan 2016

Student-driven “deep learning”, teachers as “coaches” and “activators of learning” and positive student–teacher relationships are all part of the changing and significantly innovative educational landscape which requires considerable pedagogical change in teaching and learning processes. Teacher professional learning communities (PLCs) have been recognised as highly...

Journal article

31 Jul 2014

Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a current ‘buzz’ term in business and educational contexts, seemingly referring to anything from decision making committees to regular meeting groups or collegial learning teams. This paper explores the concept of a PLC within three significantly innovative schools, based on...

Journal article

15 Apr 2014

This article explores the power of student voice, in recognition of the child's right to be treated as a capable, competent social actor involved in the education process. In this study, student voice is considered in the light of improving students' engagement and personal and...

Journal article

31 Mar 2014

Professional learning within highly innovative educational contexts and focused on school-based teacher professional learning communities (PLCs) is increasingly being utilised in supporting teachers in refining their skills as facilitators and co-learners with their students. While various researchers outline the characteristics of teacher PLCs, there is...

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