Keeping us up at night: the big issues facing business leaders in 2018

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KPMG is fortunate to enjoy close relationships with many of Australia’s most influential business leaders. The views of any one of these leaders are of value. Combine them, however, and you get something of real importance.

This year we have obtained detailed qualitative data from almost 200 business leaders across the country. These C-level executives range across the nation’s major industries and sectors, from large corporations through to small and medium enterprises.

Speaking to these leaders provides unique insights into the strategic issues they are focused on and the key challenges they believe they face as they look to the year ahead.

Survey participants were asked to identify their key issues of concern and to offer their perspectives on why, for them, these issues rose above the pack.

Through this process we have been able to rank a top 10 of the most significant issues facing Australia’s leaders in 2018. This report contains an overview of each of these issues combined with some of the latest analysis and forecasts from KPMG’s experts in each field.

In addition, we have included longer analysis for the three leading areas of concern identified: digital and innovation, cost competitiveness, and energy. These pieces take a deeper dive into the main issues exercising Australian business leaders and offer insight into what is needed – and what is actually likely to happen over the next year.

How can businesses take practical steps toward a culture of innovation in 2018? How far behind is Australia really in terms of cost competitiveness and what can be done to fix it? What has driven our energy crisis to date and is there any prospect of relief in the year ahead?

We hope you enjoy delving into our answers and our analysis.

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