State of the internet 2017: the state of the internet in New Zealand

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Each year we report on the state of the Internet here in New Zealand. We cover what we think are key and useful metrics for analysing and understanding the Internet, grouped around three topic areas: access, trust and creative potential.  Each year we will also have a special theme that we take a deep dive into. This will enable us to tap into less frequently conducted research and surveys without creating gaps in our routine metrics and analysis.

The special theme for this year’s report is trust. Trust in, or on, the Internet is vital. At InternetNZ we work to promote the Internet’s benefits and protect its potential. That potential will be unrealised if trust online falls away or if people don’t trust the Internet to do what they want, when they want. Fake news, disinformation campaigns, ransomware and having your banking credentials phished can all whittle away your trust, or even your willingness to use the Internet. 

Key insights:

•The majority of New Zealanders have access to the Internet in some way

• The roll-out and uptake of Ultrafast Broadband is going well

• Data usage on our networks is increasing at almost exponential rates year on year. Rapidly increasing demand will therefore require sustained investment across the telecommunications market, to ensure that networks are able to meet demand

• A significant majority of New Zealanders are concerned about online trust and security, but most are not changing their behaviour - we think that’s because they don’t know what to do to be more secure

• New Zealanders are starting to take some of the basic security steps but we want to see 95% of New Zealanders using multi-factor authentication, regularly backing-up their data, updating their devices and use PINs to protect their devices

• Traffic encryption is growing considerably in the .nz domain space with almost half of all .nz domains running https, but organisations need to move to modern protocols to stay secure

• The recorded music and game development sectors of creative New Zealanders have used the Internet to grow their revenue and reach

• There is a lack of public information and datasets about how New Zealanders are using the Internet to create, and share their creations. We need some collective statistics to help us understand how well New Zealanders are using the creative potential of the Internet

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