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5 Sep 2006

Rob Watts argues in this conference paper that more empirical evidence in the social sciences by itself is not enough. We need good social research to inform and transform the policy context but we also need to bypass certain academic dispositions like our much-vaunted commitment...


31 Jul 2003

Death from heroin overdose, in particular, rivals the road toll in destroying lives, especially among young Australians. This report is based on intensive fieldwork in three study areas: inner Melbourne (Fitzroy-Collingwood); Geelong and Sydney (Fairfield-Cabramatta). These areas have been carefully chosen to include an inner...

Journal article

30 Apr 2003

Recent enthusiasm for evidence-based policy-making in Australia has many sources, however the meaning and practice of 'evidence-based policy' are contested. Greg Marston and Rob Watts identify and critically assess the value of evidence-based claims and their relationship to evidence-based policy. They highlight the importance of...

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