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4 Dec 2009

In this new Lowy Institute Paper, Visiting Fellow, Dr Milton Osborne, evaluates the potentially huge social and environmental risks for the Mekong River and the millions who depend on it for their livelihood of planned dam projects in Laos and Cambodia. The mighty Mekong River...


10 May 2007

In a new Lowy Institute Perspectives, Milton Osborne, a visiting fellow at the Institute, evaluates the social and economic impacts for the littoral states of the damming of the Salween River and the opening of the Mekong River to large cargo boats. Both of these...


19 Jul 2006

Milton Osborne examines how China's relations with Southeast Asia have dramatically changed for the better in the last ten years. Free trade agreements and strategic partnerships have replaced decades of mistrust and uncertainty. China is now the paramount power in Southeast Asia with significant soft...

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