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14 Jun 2019

Australia should consider whether it wants a higher education and vocational training system more like that of Finland or more like the USA, according to this report from The Australia Institute’s Nordic Policy Centre .


A report prepared as the first in a partnership between The Australia Institute and Deakin University exploring policy settings in Nordic countries and their potential application in Australia
7 Mar 2019

Tax is the price we pay to live in a civilised society. This paper explores the lessons Australia could learn from Nordic countries, such as Norway, in providing leadership for revenue raising options in Australia.


1 Dec 2014

Andrew Scott, Associate Professor in Politics and Policy at Deakin University, is the guest on this episode of Life Matters.

The Nordic countries have both economic prosperity and social equality and Scott believes that Australian governments should adopt similar policies on work life balance,...


30 Jul 2012

Australia has much higher rates of income poverty and inequalities among children than Sweden and the other main Nordic nations. The aim of this publication is to identify what Australia can learn from the Nordic nations’ policies to reduce inequalities, and increase wellbeing,...


5 Oct 2009

The Nordic nations are notable for driving child poverty down to unparalleled lows, enshrining the rights of children and providing adequate government support to children in the most needy households. Greater investment in early childhood programs is needed if child poverty in Australia is to...

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