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Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog is still too weak

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The Hon. Stephen Charles AO QC, former judge and adviser to the Baillieu Government on IBAC's design, has prepared this briefing paper with The Australia Institute, outlining the flaws in the operation of Victoria’s corruption watchdog.

The paper finds that:

IBAC has significant flaws that mean it is not a suitable model, in its current state, for a federal anti-corruption watchdog, as recently suggested by PM Malcolm Turnbull.

The Victorian government intentionally set up a weak corruption watchdog to avoid being damaged by IBAC’s investigations. There is a risk of this happening again at a federal level if the federal government opts for a federal anti-corruption watchdog modelled on IBAC in its current state.

Victoria should strengthen IBAC by broadening the definition of corrupt conduct in its jurisdiction, strengthening its investigative powers and ability to use them, and widening its ability to hold public hearings.

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