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27 Jan 2015

In our 2013 study, A Dynamic Mapping of the UK’s Creative Industries , we noted that concepts like the ‘creative industries’ and ‘creative economy’ – indeed ‘creativity’ itself – although widely used by policymakers, lacked sufficiently clear and rigorous definitions. The report aimed to address...


30 Jan 2013

Dynamic Mapping of the UK’s Creative Industries (125) , by Hasan Bakhshi, Peter Higgs and Alan Freeman of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI), adopts a definition of creative occupation as ones with “a role within the creative process...


19 Aug 2010

What does the Australian census tell us about how artists earn their living?

Comparatively speaking, today we live in a statistical paradise, with local and global data on just about any aspect of the production, distribution and consumption of culture. The data capture, mining...


7 Oct 2008

Executive summary

Creative skills are widely distributed across economies, but their contributions to economic performance and social outcomes and their role in enabling nations and institutions to respond to competitive and other pressures are not well understood.

The British Government pioneered the...


5 Jun 2008

This report is a presentation to the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts' Measuring the Creative Industries workshop.

This PDF contains a range of slides covering the data collected in this project.

The objectives of the project were:...

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