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16 May 2018

Instances in which whistleblowers have lost employment and careers, suffered harassment and intimidation, and experienced threats or acts of violence continue to occur in Australia. This study sought to understand the nature of victimisation experienced by whistleblowers who had reported or attempted to report wrongdoing...


18 Jul 2006

In this conference presentation Nick Richardson, Diana Smart, Suzanne Vassallo, Ann Sanson and Inez Dussuyer use the Australian Temperament Project to explore the ways in which developmental pathways of resilient and low risk but antisocial children can be identified. Are there sensitive ages and developmental...


15 Nov 2005

This report from the Australian Temperament Project focuses on the transition to early adulthood; connections between antisocial behaviour and victimisation; the role of substance use in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviour; why do some low risk children become antisocial adolescents; motivations to comply with...

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