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Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing (NT): draft final report

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This draft Final Report is part of a suite of documents published to date by the Inquiry, which include the Background and Issues Paper and the Interim Report. The draft Final Report is accompanied by an Executive Summary, which summarises the principal findings and risk assessments contained in each Chapter and sets out all the draft recommendations made by the Panel in the Report. There is also a set of appendices. Each document has, for the sake of convenience and due to the length of the draft Final Report, been published separately, but together they form the totality of the draft Final Report.

The draft Final Report represents the work of the Panel over the past 12 months. As its title indicates, it is amenable to change once the final round of consultations have concluded and the Inquiry has received comment on the content of the Report from various stakeholders, community groups, and individual members of the public. That amendment should occur upon receipt of further submissions is appropriate given its draft status. With each round of consultations, the Panel has received additional information that has been invaluable to its deliberations and analyses and instrumental in the formulation of its recommendations. Further material and new perspectives are integral to the final round of consultations and it can reasonably be expected that the draft Final Report will be altered to reflect any new and relevant evidence and perspectives.

In addition to the Panel members who have undertaken the research, deliberation and writing of this Report, and the Taskforce, without whom the operation of this Inquiry would not be possible, the Inquiry would like to acknowledge the assistance of Prof Sandra Kentish (who assisted with the research for Chapter 9), and Ms Nicole Heesh and Mr Angus Veitch (who assisted with the literature review for Chapter 12).

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