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27 Feb 2019

This briefing outlines three challenges facing the UK: regional inequality, centralisation of power and a lack of community voice. The new Shared Prosperity Fund, which will replace EU structural funding, could address these issues if it is designed appropriately.

Briefing paper

23 Jan 2019

Some proponents of leaving the EU have argued that, freed from the constraints of EU rules on state aid, the United Kingdom would have more flexibility to embark on an active industrial policy; opponents have countered that this overstates the stringency of the rules. This...


4 Jul 2018

The UK’s vote to leave the EU arose in part from deep social and geographical divides across the country. But could the decision to leave impact upon those same inequalities?


20 Feb 2018

As the UK and the EU move to the next stage of the Article 50 negotiations, the UK faces a fundamental choice over the type of country it wants to be post-Brexit.


18 Dec 2017

With the first stage of the negotiations now complete and discussions set to turn to the future partnership, now is the time for the UK to decide what it wants for its long-term future outside of the EU.

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