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18 Sep 2018

This report presents findings from survey data collected in 2017 from participants of the two Life Patterns Project cohorts. The analysis of responses shows that one major issue unites both generations - concern about the environment and climate change.


6 Nov 2013

Effective pathways from vocational education and training (VET) to higher education help to alleviate skill shortages as well as increase access to higher qualifications and lifetime earnings for people holding VET awards. Nationally, the proportion of students admitted to higher education on the basis of...


19 Mar 2013

The National Broadband Network will potentially provide the opportunity for all Australians to access the same level of information and online services regardless of their location, age and level of mobility. But this opportunity can only be grasped by those who have the technical skills...


19 Mar 2010

This paper examines whether the expansion of higher education has reduced inequality by providing more opportunities for students from less privileged backgrounds to attend university or further entrenched existing inequalities.

Drawing on Maximally Maintained Inequality theory and Relative Risk Aversion theory, the author uses...

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2010

Following the increasing impact of globalising economic forces world wide Australia, like many other liberal democracies, moved to adopt neoliberal economic policies with an emphasis on increasing deregulation of economic markets. The economic changes instituted since the 1980s have fundamentally restructured the economy and created...

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