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17 Mar 2010

Why would any Australian government want another trade deal with the US, ask Ruth Townsend and Thomas Faunce in On Line Opinion

WHEN PRESIDENT Obama meets Prime Minister Kevin Rudd next week, near the top of their agenda will be the expanded Trans Pacific...

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20 Jun 2006

On 22 June 2005 the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia voted to establish an inquiry into workplace harm related to toxic dust and emerging technologies (including nanoparticles). The inquiry became known as the White Inquiry after Mr Richard White, a financially uncompensated sufferer of...


5 Dec 2003

Recent comments by Australian negotiators indicate that the US is seeking changes to Australia's intellectual property laws, particularly as they relate to pharmaceuticals. Such changes have the capacity to undermine the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical benefits scheme and lead to higher costs in Australia. Buddhima...

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