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13 Jul 2015

This article presents an argument about the relationship between global problems, complexity, problem-solving, and East Asian civil society. In section 1, we begin by asking two fundamental questions: what is specifically “global” about a global problem, and what underlies an issue of global concern that...


23 Sep 2011

Peter Hayes, Professor, RMIT University and Executive Director of the Nautilus Institute and Scott Bruce, Director of the Nautilus Institute, San Francisco assess that North Korea's options for a nuclear strike are severely constrained—so much so that the only credible use of the...


25 Mar 2011

This report is a rapid response evaluation of the implications of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and consequent tsunami off the northeast coast of Japan. It focuses on Japan’s electricity system, its energy security, and the future of the nuclear power plants located in the...


16 Dec 2010

This paper explores a possible technological strategy that would avoid security and sustainability dilemmas associated with the management of the rapidly growing quantities of nuclear spent fuel in the East Asia region.

The region‘s spent fuel inventories from nuclear power are growing rapidly. The...


15 Jan 2010

This paper analyses developments in the system of United States nuclear hegemony in East Asia deriving from North Korea’s drive for nuclear weapons.

Hayes argues that “the nuclear threat projected by the US in this hegemonic system drove the DPRK to adopt a nuclear...

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