Phillip B. Roös

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Phillip Barend Roos



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Technical report

Railway stations, biophilic design and the Metro Tunnel project
3 Nov 2017

Creating Healthy Places offers guidelines and strategies as to how the proposed Metro Tunnel Rail Stations may enliven the health of Melbourne’s residents and commuters.

Conference paper

A proposed model for coastal settlements in Australia adapting to climate change and extreme weather events
15 Apr 2014

The Australian coast is rich in history and is scattered with coastal settlements amongst a contrasting landscape with infinite visual and ecological diversity. These attributes provide the opportunity to create sustainable and resilient settlements, linking the wholeness of a place to the foundation of living...

Conference paper

Local perceptions of indigenous and European settlement changes along the Victorian coast
15 Apr 2014

Around the world coastal areas are witnessing dramatic changes due to the consequences of the growth of human settlements. Rapid urban expansion in coastal settlements due to ‘life style migration’ impacts negatively on environmental coastal amenities that are the driving factor behind the attraction of...

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