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Creating Healthy Places provides guidance as to the feasibility and opportunities or Biophilic Design to be considered and potentially incorporated in the Metro Tunnel Project (MTP) railway stations designs to elevate their sustainability accountability and innovative design responsiveness. 

Biophilic Design is a nature-informed approach to quality environmental design that draws from the Biophilia thesis proposed by North American biologist and myrmecologist EO Wilson (Wilson, 1984). The term ‘biophilia’ means ‘love of life or living systems’. 

Creating Healthy Places seeks to offer Biophilic Design insights and performance guidelines towards the enrichment of each of the proposed Metro Tunnel Project railway stations to provide opportunities for Biophilic Design to be incorporated in the design process. It also offers avenues and principles that may better address the Project’s sustainability alignment as well as achieve certification of the railway stations under the Green Building Council of Australia-Green Star Rating system and supporting the potential achievement of a 6 Green Star rating. 

Internationally, Biophilic Design is increasingly being acknowledged by designers and academics as a design approach that can reduce human stress, enhance  human creativity and clarity of thought, improve human well-being and expedite human self-healing. These qualities are ever more important, as the world population continues to urbanize, but they are also essential ingredients in a ‘Liveable City’ and positioning Melbourne as an internationally recognised ‘EcoCity’ which are core strategic aims of the Melbourne 2030 and the Melbourne City Council: Council Plan 2013-17.

Creating Healthy Places offers guidelines and strategies as to how the proposed Metro Tunnel Rail Stations may enable and support these aspirations, and enliven the health of Melbourne’s residents and commuters.

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