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10 Nov 2017

Australians appear to have moved little in their views on same sex marriage, despite two months of heated public discussion.

Working paper

30 Nov 2015

Emerging rather less scarred than many from the most recent global financial crisis in 2008, Australia has a banking and finance industry evidencing long-term stability, but moderate to high concentration as a result of long prevailing policy. In 2015, whether that level of concentration signifies...


10 Jan 2006

Victoria now looks set to become the first Australian state with a bill of rights. Carolyn Evans and Simon Evans assess the Consultation Committee’s proposals.


6 May 2005

Simon Evans and Carolyn Evans look at the issues facing a new committee .

Australian political history is littered with unsuccessful attempts to pass broad ranging human rights Acts. The recent passage of the ACT Human Rights Act contrasts with, for example, the...

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