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Agora Energiewende develops scientifically based and politically feasible approaches for ensuring the success of the Energiewende. We see ourselves as a think-tank and policy laboratory, centered around dialogue with energy policy stakeholders.

Together with participants from public policy, civil society, business and academia, we develop a common understanding of the Energiewende, its challenges and courses of action. This we accomplish with a maximum of scientific expertise, oriented towards goals and solutions, and devoid of any ideological agenda.

The focus of our work is on the electricity sector. Using scientifically calculated methods, we want to demonstrate how the transformation can lead to a system based almost entirely on renewable energies. These courses of action must be developed, well-conceived, debated and understood in a process that brings experts and decision-makers into dialogue with each other. The Council of the Agora is a central location for conducting this discussion process. 

Because the Energiewende also affects other countries in Europe, we look beyond Germany’s borders in our work. Through dialogue, workshops and studies, together with our partner organisations in neighbouring countries, we hope to achieve a mutual understanding of each other’s energy policy challenges and advance cooperation in this area. In addition, we are active in Brussels, helping to convey to the relevant European actors the issues and approaches to solutions for a power system based on renewable energies. 

Agora Energiewende is a joint initiative of the foundation Stiftung Mercator and the European Climate Foundation. 

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State of affairs and review of current developments
30 Jan 2018

The power sector will play a crucial role in attaining the European climate targets, which aim to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030, compared to 1990. Tracking progress in the power sector is hence of utmost importance.

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